Marsha Permadhi

Digital + Creative Design

Neurological Foundation

Large-Scale Website Design

The Neurological Foundation is a New Zealand-based charity with a mission to increase audience traffic and digital donations through their website.

I worked closely with their team to rehaul their UX/UI design. We identified several target audiences with different objectives & expectations of the site. The structure of the new website was designed so that each audience member can navigate through it easily and can achieve their individual goals with as little friction as possible.

The Foundation also had a goal to increase reach and engagement to a younger group of donors. We ensured that the new website is optimised for all mobile devices with a user-interface that's modern, fresh and professional.

Role & Services

  • UX/UI design
  • Website design
  • Design consultancy

Employing website best-practices and mobile optimisation to make sure that the new website will cater to finding information, making donations, and applying for grants as easily as possible on all devices.

The Neurological Foundation team was extremely pleased with their new website. The website's user-experience has been improved and the user-interface is refreshed. The intuitive structure combined with a modern look and feel hopes to propel the Foundation to achieving their mission and to align them with an engaged younger audience.

In addition, the website was named as a finalist in the 2020 Best Awards under the Large-Scale Websites category.

Other Work