Marsha Permadhi

Digital + Creative Design

Go Good

Digital Marketing Campaign + Photography

Go Good came to us when they needed a social media campaign to promote their range of natural New Zealand whey & vegan protein. The social media campaign was driven by their target markets, flavour range, brand values, and unique selling points.

I worked with the team at Go Good from the ideation to the execution of a cheeky campaign that’s bold, colourful, and modern. I helped to storyboard, arrange, lead, and direct a team to realise a set of bespoke visual creatives for the social media campaign.

Role & Services

  • Creative direction
  • Project management


  • Photography by Hashbrown

The hero of the campaign is the naturally-flavoured protein powders. I wanted to bring that to the forefront of the campaign by using real ingredients and echoing the vibrant colours in the wardrobe, accessories, and backdrops; creating bold and attention-grabbing creatives.

Go Good came away with a library of bespoke creatives that fully aligns with their personality and their target audience. Bold, audacious, and deliciously fun.

Along with the social media campaign, the images were used across several other touchpoints, including their website.

Other Work